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Get Smarter, More Sophisticated Search & Analysis Capabilities with Ryft Cloud on AWS

With its launch on the AWS Marketplace, Ryft is providing AWS customers smarter, faster data search and analysis with push-button ease of use on the Amazon F1 FPGA-accelerated instance.

Ryft’s offerings give users the never-before-possible abilities to perform full PCRE2 Regular Expression searching on both pre- and post-index files and near-instant fuzzy search and matching on indexed and unindexed data, with a broader range of fuzzy search criteria.

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Harnessing the power of FPGA-accelerated compute in the AWS cloud

Ryft released two Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that deploy Ryft services on Amazon infrastructure:

Toolkit Powered by Ryft’s Heterogeneous Computing enables users to instantly — and without a steep learning curve — integrate smarter, more sophisticated search and analysis capabilities into existing data analytics interfaces and/or applications by:

  • Seamlessly integrating with current analytics environments via a series of APIs and connectors.
  • Getting more accurate and actionable insights with significantly enhanced PCRE2 Regular Expression capabilities as well as fuzzy search.
  • Turning big data into small data by analyzing and thinning data in near-real time with no data prep requirements.

Learn how Ryft’s technology on the Amazon F1 instance powers the next generation of tools that organizations need to analyze and understand all their data immediately.

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Elasticsearch Powered by Ryft’s Heterogeneous Computing enables users to gain immediate insights on both pre- and post-indexed data by:

  • Enhancing Regular Expression capabilities with full PCRE2 searching in near-real time.
  • Increasing the power of edit distance with user-selectable changes to large (>2) distance requests for Fuzzy Hamming and Levenshtein searches.
  • Speeding search and analysis across unstructured data and JSON, XML, LOGs, CSV, TSV and other files with no data transformation requirements.
  • Augmenting wildcard searches to include leading wildcard characters.

To learn how to deploy Ryft on the F1 or to discuss how Ryft can help you power faster, smarter business analytics applications,  contact us


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