Whitepaper: Powering Elasticsearch in the Cloud

Transform High Performance Analytics in the AWS Cloud for Fast, Data-Driven Decisions

Today’s actionable insights are trapped inside compute platforms and analytics ecosystems that were, at the core, architected more than 70 years ago. Traditional von Neumann–based processors have ruled the IT infrastructure world, but with new types of data—digital images, video, geospatial and more—proliferating at increasingly breakneck speeds, these legacy architectures are doing more to hold back data-driven insights than to facilitate them. Thriving in the new era of data means being free from the prison of slow, sequential processors that have monopolized on-premises and cloud-based analytics infrastructures.

Newer, more specialized architectures, such as field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), are gaining traction with organizations that need fast insights and cannot wait for the latency associated with data preparation on quickly changing data. Initially considered tools for highly niche- use cases, FPGA-accelerated architectures have made the jump to more mainstream use cases in recent years. But full adoption has been stymied by the need for costly specialized hardware and specially trained team members to fully reap the benefits of FPGA technology. Not anymore. Ryft is delivering the performance and ease-of-use needed for FPGA-accelerated computing architectures in the cloud on Amazon’s EC2 F1.

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Getting Started

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